This page gives a brief summary of the major Historical Events recorded in the history of Adarintus.

Calendar Edit

There are five accepted Calendars in the Realms:

  • Named Years (also known as "New Years") abbreviated as "NY", the most common Calendar. It is used near universally in Haemlahar and is recognised in some parts of the other Continents. It starts with the founding of the Scholar's Guild in and the construction of their Great Library.
  • Tairais Arkhosia ("Time of Arkhosia"), abbreviated "TA", is the major Calendar on Rijoran. It began with the crowning of the first Rijoris Dracar, or "Dragon King" of old Arkhosia.
  • Rings, abbreviated "RY". The Calendar of the Elves. It is based on the rings of the oldest tree in the High Forest, claimed to be the first living thing to ever grow. It starts with the first ring.
  • Ibrithran Time, abbreviated "IT". The aggregated timelineof Ibrithra. The continent lacks a single standardised calendar so this is usually a mix of whatever references and events are known to the area.
  • The Old Way, abbreviated as "OW". A very subjective count based mainly on a few milestone events in Legend. Anything outside of this events can be reliable recorded in the OW. It begins with the story of the first contact between Gods and Men and is common among folk who live far from the major settlements.

This timeline will use Named Years as the standard, referenced versus the others.

0NY - The New Year Edit

  • The Scholar's Guild is founded in and construction of their Great Library begins.
  • The Cycle of the Named Years is established by the Scholars to standardise the recording of events. The Calendar is created with seven months.
  • The Tax of Arms is introduced. Any village within the boundaries of <> which fails to provide a suitable number of soldiers each year will be fined 10% of its holdings.

1NY - Edit

  • A tradition is established that during the Celebration of Advent the ruling Monarch will name the New Year.

27 NY Edit

  • Brannon Leynthey is exiled from Haemlahar for twenty years for his crimes.

41 NY Edit

  • Jorea Leynthey marries Meliss Ocaran and becomes Prince of Haemlahar.

43 NY Edit

  • King Myran Ocaran dies of old age. Jorea is named King.

52 NY Edit

  • King Jorea Leynthey dies of a stroke in the month of Martrian. His eldest son Aryl, though only thirteen, ascends to the throne.

53 NY - Aryl's First / The Traitors Year Edit

  • King Aryl is found smothered in his bed during the early days of Gly. Aled, the remaining son, is named King by both the <> and the Queen Regent Meliss. Jorea's younger brother Willark puts forth his own claim on the grounds that a boy if 6 is too young to rule and is backed by a majority of Lords. Lord Maritan of East Isle raises the point that if Willark has a claim, so does his elder brother Brannon. His exile has long since served and he is technically the eldest male of the Royal Family: he should be invited to return home and claim the throne if he wishes, before any other King be named. This assertion proves contentious among the court and support splits between the three suitors.
  • The tradition of the Monarch naming the year during the Celebration of Advent is ended, as it is decided that the current name (Aryl's First) is inappropriate. The tradition now becomes that the Monarch will name the previous year during the Advent Celebrations instead.

121 NY - The Dragons War Edit

186 NY - First of the Yolers Edit

  • An open rebellion begins in response to <>.
  • Meuron Yoler is crowned King after usurping the Throne.

256 NY - First of the Korin Edit

  • With no living Yoler heirs left, the last King's brother by marriage, Abram Korin, is crowned King.

394 NY Edit

Modern Day.