The Cycle of the Named Years is the standard Calendar Year in Haemlahar. It is compromised of 253 days and 10 months. It was devised in the First of the Named Years with only seven months, but later monarchs adjusted the calendar over time.

The two shortest months signify the time when nature moves between phases, the end of Summer and the end of Winter.

Spring Edit

Odon Edit

The first month of the Named Year. Odon has 30 days.

Gly Edit

Gly lasts for 29 days.

Summer Edit

Balscus Edit

Balscus lasts for 26 days.

Amari Edit

Amari lasts for 28 days.

Perious Edit

Perious lasts for 11 days.

Autumn Edit

Talec Edit

Talec lasts for 27 days.

Rin Edit

Rin lasts for 24 days.

Winter Edit

Docus Edit

Docus lasts for 36 days.

Martrian Edit

Martrian lasts for 32 days.

Nius Edit

Nius lasts for 10 days.