"Pink Sleep is fast and deep. If you can brew it... "
―Michus Plyn

Asulia Azuriacus is a flower native to much of the Northern lands of Haemlahar. Colloquially known by most as "Pinky Pie" due to it's vibrant colour, it is a beautiful yet toxic flower. 

Description Edit

Asulias are bright pink flowers, with short stems and prominent black seeds in the center. They tend to grow low to ground in large bunches. They have a distinctive sweet smell and the petals are often used as a cheap delicacy. Once they take root in an area they tend to spread and are considered by many to be a weed.

Toxicology Edit

The black seeds of the flowers can be ground into a fine powder, which upon ingestion will cause a swift and uninterruptible slumber. Within minutes the person will either choke on their own vomit, or live long enough to experience violent seizures before death.

The seeds are still lethal when eaten whole, but if they can be regurgitated before the seed breaks down the person will usually only suffer drowsiness and minor pain.

In smaller doses it is possible to induce sleep without causing death or discomfort, but it is dangerous. In addition to correctly managing the portion size you need to also account for the constitution of the drinker. As the taste of the seeds is deeply bitter it is often mixed with the sweeter tasting leaves of the flower to make it more palatable. This usage of the flower is often referred to as "Pink Sleep". Brewed correctly it is completely harmless.

Folklore Edit

Asulias were once so infamous for their toxicity that to receive a bouquet of their flowers in a black vase was a well-known death threat.