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This the wikia for the Realms of the Adarintus, a Dungeons and Dragons Campaign Setting.

The Realms of Adarintus encompass three land masses:

The Campaign Edit

The current campaign focuses on a travelling group of adventurers in Haemlahar as they band together for a common cause.

  • Abraxus, the young Dragonborn Warlord seeking to find his cause in the world and his place within his people.
  • Horc, a Slayer from a now lost village, seeking revenge on The Stranger who took away his life.
  • Narissa, a Druid leaving the High Forest for the first time to find a cure for The Blight.

Though originally on their own journeys, their quests had a common thread: a mysterious and enigmatic Green Pendant which caused their paths to cross. United in their need for answers they joined each other and set off to understand it.

A full account of each adventure can be found here: Plot

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